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Cooking Guide

Fishing Guide

Gathering Guide

      New Player Tips      

Setup Guides
New Player Tips
Passive Income

Setting Up Guides

Check FPS & Ping

Check your server connection & Frames

Quest Settings

Set this to avoid missing on events

Gift of J 530% XP Scroll

Reset in 2020 & purchasable again!

Free Codes in this Discord

All platform/region free coupon codes.

New Player Tips

Free 530% XP J Scrolls

New Reset in 2020 for purchase

Free Daily Items

Don't miss on these daily items

More Inventory & Storage

Special bonus tips to help beginners

Storage vs Market NPC

Learn about these 2 NPC's features

Transport "Teleportation"

Useful if you have a lot of characters

Strength, Health, Stamina

How to level and how guilds can help

Finding Ficy

Need this npc quest for ingot melting

Passive Income

Worker Empire Guide

Passive AFK money making income.

Free Silver from Energy

Useful for non-gatherers & lots of chars

Passive Income Cycle

Passive income cycle explained

Passive Income Written Ver.

Written version with all links to all other guides

      Life Skill Guides      

Fishing Guides

Fishing Basics Explained

Part 1 : Learn how to start fishing

Fishing Gears, Buffs & Pets

Part 2 : Learn more about helpful items

Fishing Event Tips

Part 3 : Special gears for events

Ancient Relic Shards

How to make money off this item.

Polar Bear Fishing Guide

Best pet for fishing explained.

Gathering Guide

Gathering Basics Explained

Part 1 : Learn how to start gathering

Gathering Gears, Buffs, Pet

Part 2 : Learn more about helpful items

Gathering Speed Tricks Tip

Part 3 : Learn the tricks to gather fast

Hedgehog Gathering Pet

Watch this demo to understand

Cooking Guide

Cooking Basics Explained

Learn how to start cooking easy way

      PVE In General       

Combat Related

Tag Character XP Sharing

Tag can be used but XP only on events

Skill Add On Effects Guide
All explained in step by step tutorial

Ancient Relic Boss Summon
Same as ancient relic shard video

Hidden Black Spirit Buff

Lv50 + 50 energy, clear Mediah illreza 

Archer PVE Skill Rotation 1
Monster pack grind rotation

Archer PVE Skill Rotation 2
Long range attacks & evasion


Archer PVE 1+2 Demo
Demo of how Rotation 1 & 2 combine

Gear & Enhancing

Boss (TRI) Gear at 1 Silver

Oasis event, region server dependent

Reblath Enhancement

Cheap failstack building method

Sailing & Bartering

Ship Type & Upgrade Path

Must watch before you even get a ship

Free Bartering Calculator

New player friendly auto calculator 

       Guild & Raids        

Guild Management

Guild Guide Part 1
Guild Emblem & Promote Features

Guild Guide Part 2
Bonus Payout & Tax Reduction Tips

Guild Guide Part 3
Guild Salary and Contract System

Guild Guide Part 4
Guild Mission, Boss Summon & Skills

Free Guild Galley Battleship

Large guild ship for guild fun time

Guild Boss Raids

Khan Guild Raid Part 1

Beginner's Cannon Rotation Guide

Khan Guild Raid Part 2

Crystal Ball Loading Sequence Guide

Khan's Heart Crafting Guide

Watch to avoid discarding by mistake!

Events & Fun Stuff

5k Sub Giveaway Rd 2

More permanent pass giveaway

Round 1 Giveaway Winners

Announcement of round 1 winners.

5k Sub Giveaway Rd 1

Free Permanent Account Pass

1 Minute Wish Event 

An event that will return time to time

Pegasus Flying in Grana

Showcase of Pegasus Dream Horse

Shai New Talent Band

A recording of a play by players


Dream Horse Airship Flight

Can dream horse reach an airship?

Just For Fun Playlist

Other just for fun video playlist

Other Events Playlist

Other past event playlist.

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